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Web Design

Your website needs to be appealing, usable and relevant to the user's needs. These are the foundation of good web design. Your site will set you apart and help convert online visitors into new leads/customers.

Mobile Design

A mobile ready website is no longer an option, and to believe otherwise is to ignore the reality of today's web user. But thanks to modern coding techniques, mobile development has never been easier.


People tend to ignore what they don't see, and this often applies to code. But make no mistake, the code used to build your website will impact far more than you may realize.

Search Marketing

Search marketing is a vital part of owning a website. Organic search optimization and paid search advertising will both increase site traffic. How we use these strategies will depend on your short and long-term goals.

Research & Analytics

If we don't know how users are engaging with your website content, how will we make the site better? We use tools that go beyond just basic analytics - tools that give us more insight into what's working and what's not.

Recent Work

As part of their new website, Fender included a subset of sections dubbed "Experience." These sections would contain a variety of music related articles, artist profiles, and educational content.

Creybot's task was to develop a responsive front-end framework for use in both Experience and across the website. Using Wordpress as our content management system, we built a flexible and easy to use theme. The theme gives Fender authors a great deal of control over how and where they feature content.

Client: Brikk | URL: www.fender.com/experience

Fender Website

It's common for some AdWords managers to structure their campaigns to capture as much traffic as possible. But this management style can often lead to wasted spend from irrelevant clicks. Poor account structure was the case with Peter Piper Pizza, a chain of family-style pizza restaurants in the southwest.

After assuming management, Creybot completely restructured the account and shifted to hyper-targeting. The result was increased click-through rates and thousands of dollars saved in monthly keyword spend.

Ad clicks: 146%
Ad click-through rate: 15%
Monthly spend: 50%

Client: Santy

Penrose Academy's previous website used a custom-built content management system. The complexity of this CMS made updating and managing the site difficult for staff, and there were numerous concerns over security. Penrose also offered myPA, a dedicated app for student news and resources.

Our task was front-end development and the implementation of a new CMS. We developed the site in Wordpress and created a web based platform for myPA. Aside from improved UX/UI and security, students now have more control over their account information. A built-in user-management dashboard gives staff a simple way to manage myPA users.

Client: Brikk | URL: www.penrose.edu

Penrose Website


chris reynolds (bot)

I'm a web designer and front-end developer with ten years of experience building websites and landing pages for all types of business. As principal of Creybot in Scottsdale, AZ, I'm hired by business owners and agencies to perform any number of services, from design and front-end development to paid search management and local SEO.

I believe in always putting the user first, which is why I emphasize research, analytics and testing in every project I undertake. I have a core group of designers and developers I can call upon to assist me, people I've worked with closely over the years, should the project require it. And I structure budgets and payments to give my clients the kind of results they'd expect from working with an agency, but without the high fees that come with them.

Chris Reynolds


  • Solar Film Design


Passion Project: James E. Reynolds Website

September 21, 2015

My dad, James Reynolds, was one of the most celebrated Western oil painters of the 20th century, with a career that spanned 50 years. After his passing in 2010, I knew that building a website to showcase his art was going to be an important project for me.

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6 Reasons I Hated Working For Ad Agencies

June 7, 2015

I know there are agencies out there that do awesome work and have some very talented people doing it. But most of what I experienced working with them can be summarized by one word: clusterf**k.

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Why “Content First” in Web Design Can Be Really Hard

April 9, 2015

Many of us like to preach the gospel of “content first.” Prioritizing content is the logical beginning to a web design project. But putting content first isn’t always practical, or feasible.

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